Welcome to our webpage! My name is Timea Moore. My passion for Great Danes started when I saw a brindle Great Dane at the age of 10, I decided there and then that I wanted one. I was fascinated by the dog's personality that despite her giant size she aproached people and especially children with great gentleness.

However unfortunately my parents thought differently: despite all my efforts to try to convince them, despite all the stray dogs I brought home, and despite me begging for a Great Dane for each and every one of my birthdays and Christmases, I was not allowed to have a dog in the small Budapest appartment.

I have gotten far away from Hungary and from owning a dog during my university years in the USA, since I spent most of my time studying and playing basketball. However my love for Great Danes did not die: I tried to read as many books on the breed as I could.

Our first dog Sagar Pompey von Gigantic Blau arrived in the summer of 2007. Before his arrival I have spent many months on the internet because I wanted only the best. It seems that my waiting was worth it: Pompey is living up to our expectations and beyond: he won the Italian Jr Interclub Champion title in 2008 and was Best In Show 3, he is JUNIOR EUROPEAN CHAMPION, and won the Junior Hungarian Club Show, he won the Champion of Champions Show of 2008, becoming the Black Champion Male of 2008.
He also won the title "Black Male of 2008", based on only 10 shows he had attended in 2008.

In February 2008 Udine von Gigantic Blau a "little" blue great dane girl arrived in our kennel and the dog family became complete. As with Pompey she is also a result of careful search and selection which is proved by her finishing 1st in her very first show the French Club Championship earning the title "Junior French Club Champion" at the early age of only 9 months old and finishing 3rd in the European Championship Show at the age of 10 months.

Our Great Danes live with us as family members. We enjoy long walks in the beautiful surroundings and we are looking for future owners of our puppies who will give them the same life we are providing to ours.

If you have any questions please send me an email, or you are welcome to visit our kennel.

Timea Moore