Deposit and Waiting List

A waiting list is kept for each expected litter. We do accept early deposits ($500) only after a confirmed breeding has taken place. A deposit will insure your pick placement. It is based on first come first serve. 

We do refund or move the deposit to another litter ( your choice ) if we for some reason did not have the gender or color you requested or if the litter was not born. We DO NOT refund the deposit if there is a change of mind.

Vaccinations and worming

Our puppies will leave our home wormed at least 4 times and up to date on vaccines according to our vet's recommendations. However please note that a puppy is NOT PROTECTED fully until 2 weeks after receiving the last vaccine at the age of 12 weeks because maternal antibodies can interfere with vaccinations received before 12 weeks. Therefore after receiving your puppy it's important that you DO NOT take her out of your house and garden until she/he is fully vaccinated and 2 weeks have passed from the day the last vaccine was given. Unfortunately Parvo virus can still be carried into your home or garden on shoes, clothes, paws etc. Therefore if you notice sudden onset of lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea or any of these 3 on your puppy please take the puppy to the vet and run a parvo test. Parvo is curable with TAMIFLU! But you must catch it early and start treating your puppy as soon as possible. Of course not all diarrhea and vomiting will be from Parvo that is why you need to have it confirmed by your vet. Ones confirmed INSIST on giving your pup TAMIFLU (OSELTAMIVIR). This is a human medication but it has a close to 100% cure rate as opposed to the conventional vet treatment of only 50% survival. Please contact me for details and dosage or check the web for more info. If your vet is not willing to prescibe it, ask your family doctor! There is a lot of evidence of the efficacy of TAMIFLU treatment for both Parvo and Distemper. If there have been recent Parvo cases in your area when getting a new puppy I would recommend having Tamiflu in the bathroom cabinet just in case.


If you had danes before and you already have a favourite kibble that worked for you in the past you can feed that to your new puppy. If you are a first time dane owner we recommend to feed your puppy kibble which has a maximum protein level of 22%. It's especially important never to overfeed your puppy and to keep her/him slightly on the skinny side until he/she reaches adult height. Excess weight is detrimental for fast growing puppies' joints, so remember it's always better if they are a bit skinny than a bit fat. They will have plenty of time to fill out once they stop growing at the age of 1-1.5 years.
We feed our puppies low protein kibble during the 1st year and then we gradually swich to raw feeding and only feed raw chicken and beef to our adults. Raw feeding is excellent to prevent bloat and thankfully we have never experienced that with any of our dogs.


Your puppy needs regular daily excercise to develop muscles and joints properly. However do not overexcercise your growing puppy as this can be damaging on the fast growing bones and joints. If
you let your puppy run with other dogs as much as she/he wants and feels comfortable with that should be enough for your puppy. Biking and running is only recommended with your dog after most of the growing is done. Swimming is a very good way of excercising your dog because it doesn't put any strain on joints and bones.

I am always happy to share anything I know so if you ever need more info send me an email and I will be here to answer if I can.
Puppy Care and Guarantee
        Important information about our Guarantee and Puppy Care

We offer a 1 year guarantee against LETHAL GENETIC conditions. In the unlikely event such condition occurs and your puppy dies or has to be euthanized because of a lethal genetic condition  this has to be confirmed by 2 different vets in writing. We will send a replacement puppy as soon as one is available. This puppy will not be from the same breeding. We do not return money, our guarantee is only to replace the puppy.  (This has actually NEVER happened to any of our pups to have any kind of genetic problems.)

We sell puppies as "pet quality" or as "show and breed potentials". We NEVER sell puppies with a promise that they will be definite show winners and/or definite breed quality as we cannot see into the future. Besides genetics many factors beyond our control also play a big part of how a puppy will turn out: diet, excersise, upbringing of the puppy, etc, therefore we do not guarantee that your puppy will be a show winner or breed quality. We can only tell if the puppy has show and breed POTENTIAL. We do not offer guarantee for bite problems, umbilical hernias and eye problems, and infections that can be aquired during transit such as viral, bacteria and parasite infections. Although our dogs are x-rayed for dysplasia and we choose stud dogs who are also screened, we do not offer quarentee against dysplasia as this condition can also be caused by improper care/feeding/excercise of the puppy/dog.
If you bought a male puppy for breeding, we guarantee the male puppy to have 2 descended testicles at the time he is shipped to you.