owner: Sebouh Mahserejian (Canada)

Hello Timea,

How are you and your family?
We are well.
Magyar is growing up nicely.
She is outstanding, a real trouble maker. I think she is always trying to out smart us and figures things out before my other dogs do. She is very dominant and is trying to take over the pack. She is very good looking and very friendly and is eager to meet other dogs and people. She is getting tall and has very fluid movements. She loves to play. She has unlimited energy and we love her very much. Magyar and my blue male will start show classes in February to get ready for the spring and summer shows. She is about 57KG and 85CM at the shoulder.

A reference email from Sebouh:


I obtained a beautiful blue female from Timea.
The puppy arrived healthy and well with all the correct documentations.
The correct documentations makes things go smooth at Customs.
I used PAYPAL to transfer funds and had contract in hand via email. This also helped a seamless transition at Customs and with the courier.
If I may suggest you send Timea a link of your countries Customs requirements as I did so that they are fulfilled by Timea just as I did. This will greatly ease your experience with Customs in your Country.
My puppy arrived aboard a Lufthansa plane and shipping was handled by PETAIR.
I live just outside Toronto Canada.
It has been a positive experience dealing with Timea.