LEAN ON ME CONTY aka Tekhelet                   
    owner: Yiskah Reid ( Missouri, USA)

Oh they picked him up! i can't wait to see him it will be a few hours yet. My oldest son went with Daddy to get him and says he's a true great dane (personality) my husband says his feet are gi-normous (that means gigantic and enormous together)! and his face is so wrinkly! I'm excited to see him myself!
Just wanted to let you know he made it!
Thanks for everything!

Hi Timea,

It's Yiskah, I wanted to let you know that Tekhelet is doing wonderfully, growing huge and never lets me leave the house without an attempt to sneak into my car to go with me. His only problem is that the bigger he gets the harder it is for him to go "undetected" laid out on the back seat of my car in his efforts.
He is quite funny and I love everything about him. My littlest boy climbs on him and the poor guy puts up with so much.He is getting so big already! Just a lover boy. He has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen on a dog. He has great composition and is a very fast learner. He learned to shake hands in less than 10 min and does it every time you ask now. He's smart and very much loved.

He's beautiful! Thank you for such a wonderful companion.